The musical career and sound of David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador aka TPA has changed and evolved. From a one man act TPA is now a band with Sugalski, Jesse James (sax and flute), Tyson Leonard (violin) and Ryan Herr (percussion/guitar). Land of the Lush is the debut album of The Polish Ambassador and The Diplomatic Scandal and it’s an apt title, as the tracks are easy on the ears, complex yet accessible for lovers of electronic music.

The title track is a 7 minute 41 second master class in chillout, with synths, strings and vocal samples alternating valleys and crescendos throughout. Call of the Canyon is simply one of the best tracks here, with an irresistible beat and the flute blending in seamlessly with the guitar. Days Journey by Foot has the brilliant interplay of James’ sax and Leonard’s violin and makes for a pleasant audio experience.

Savor the Sun is all about the guitar and the percussion, and the rhythm brings up images of sunny days with cool drinks in hand. Waking Moons is another strong track. It starts slow but builds up momentum, from relaxing guitar licks to an upbeat dance tempo.

The next two tracks, Forest Funk and 2080 evoke classic TPA. The former features more excellent percussion and flute that complements the other instruments. 2080 on the other hand, boasts polished electronic synth and sounds like music you’d hear in a spaceship from the future. Enchanter is a reggae infused composition that is perfect for chilling out while gazing at sunsets.

Time Rebel has flutes, strings, synth pads and a little bit of everything, but they’re arranged into a coherent whole with a persistent beat. Think of this as electronica with string and flute accents. The last track, We’re Flyin’ Girl, is a fitting conclusion, fusing the guitar, violin and flute with digital elements.

Land of the Lush is an exceptional album, and it has Sugalski’s trademark craftsmanship all over it. This is a must.

Favorite Tracks
Land of the Lush

Track List
1. Land of the Lush 7:41
2. Call of the Canyon 5:12
3. Day’s Journey by Foot 6:11
4. Savor the Sun 6:48
5. Waking Moons 6:30
6. Forest Funk 5:53
7. 2080 6:04
8. Enchanter 6:28
9. Time Rebel – Time Rebel 9:45
10. We’re Flyin’ Girl 4:58

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