punk rock

Avenue: Garage Days

Aptly titled Garage Days, Avenue’s EP is a your average pop punk fare, but with a twist: the usual bass and electric guitar are replaced with a rawer-sounding acoustic guitar (strummed to its core) and basic drums. Though this sounds amateur-ish, it’s part of the EP’s charm.

Sweet Empire: This Season Needs Torches

Sweet Empire is a group that hasn't forgotten their punk rock roots. The band sounds like it would have felt comfortable during the 90s punk rock revival when the genre actually became popular again thanks to bands like The Offspring and Green Day. This Season Needs Torches is a 12-track album offered by the band at a name-your-price option. Packed with what is essentially all out punk, the record breezes through one loud, energetic track after another. A purely handmade, DIY record; the album has that freshly plucked punk sound that's both nostalgic and easily enjoyable.

Camp Z “Mental Straitjacket” – free punk/post punk/industrial album under Creative Commons

This album reminds me of Nine Inch Nails, less Trent Reznor vocals and more punk/post punk elements. Camp Z fuses together punk, post punk and industrial like a well-made milkshake. With Mental Straitjacket, the band has achieved a conundrum of noise industrial rock that takes the listener into the depths of his mind and forces him to stare at it right into the face. This is the band's latest album, counting back to their first release back in 2006. Camp Z is Manu Zorch, Dvrr, JP, and Mascozis creating music that conjures up visions of "a twisted oldfashioned echo."

Multi Genre Compilation Vol. 6 brought to you by Unsigned Artist Radio Network

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