Lamprey is the alias dawned by Cody Jones, a Rock producer from Gold Coast, Australia. His music has a distinct sound, with heavy drums, hard guitars, and a very impressive vocal range. Cody has a strong command of his voice, with the ability to sing smooth melodies then switch to cutting screams. By using his variable singing styles along with music that sound like a mix of Progressive Rock and Post-Hardcore, Lamprey has branded his own style of Art Rock.

lamprey the greener grass 2

The Greener Grass is Lamprey’s debut album. Its success has landed it all over the internet, including Pandora and Spotify. The LP consists of 13 tracks, each one showing off Cody’s musical talent and compositional skills. The production quality of the album is exceptional as well. The vocals sit well within the mixes, even those crunchy screams and growls. There are definitely influences from electronic music that can be heard through the different effects and sounds in the album.

One example is the seventh track, Grethel. It starts off with broken chords on his guitar and a simple drum pattern. There are subtle effects and ambient background vocals that give it an eerie, glitch feel. Lamprey opens the song up to its chorus with a powerful vocal line and a guitar progression to match. However, the album isn’t all distorted guitar and drum fills. The tenth track, Breathe, is an acoustic piece with a chilling feel. My personal favorite track of the album, Lamprey delivers a somber performance in this tune. The string accompaniment perfectly complements Cody’s gentle, yet chilling vocals.

Lamprey often refers to his music as bipolar and self-reflective. The Greener Grass is a good collection of songs with a variety of sounds that keep a Progressive Rock feel. To hear more of Cody’s solo project and to grab more free downloads, follow him on Soundcloud.

Track List
1. Easy Street
2. Stuck Up
3. Parasite
4. Through You
5. Evergreen
6. Faithless
7. Grethel
8. Drowning Mud
9. The Grand Prize
10. Breathe
11. Colour
12. Happy
13. Her

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