Allie Farris belongs to Nashville, the famed capital of country music where it’s impossible to stretch a leg without poking an aspiring musician in the butt. As countless as these aspirants may be, talent isn’t as common as passion, and making it big isn’t bound for every young artist in the race. Allie however stands as a strong contender.


Blending together country, folk, pop and rock, Farris creates her music with the intention of getting her audience to know her. The soft lilting opener Talk To Me gives us the most caring 3 AM friend we can have, as she sings “talk to me/ whisper your fears and they’ll fall like the leaves”. Her voice is warm and inviting. Meanwhile, I’m A Mess sees Farris in her brightest spirits while she sings with a playful glee in her voice and gives us an amazing guitar solo to rock out to.

The EP balances the mirth and joy with an equal amount of deep emotion. Better Than Ever is a slow waltz full of heartfelt sentiment and on Other Side, Allie sings of the bittersweet feeling of not being able to let go of a person she loved.

With EP, Allie has put forth a deft example of her songwriting and also versatility. Her upcoming plans include touring and also a full length live album.

Favorite Track: I’m A Mess


Track List
1. Talk To Me
2. I’m A Mess
3. Better Than Ever
4. Simple Mind
5. Other Side
6. Love Won’t Let You Down

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