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Kirsten Arian: This City Kills

This week, let Kirsten Arian accompany your travels with feel-good alternative pop tunes in This City Kills. Featuring five tracks, Arian adds new flavors to give your everyday listening experience a kick of spice and freshness.

Leah Lawson: Sheets

Sheets by singer-songwriter Leah Lawson from Nashville pivots around the idea that there can often be much beauty in human frailty. Showing herself at her most vulnerable, Leah makes her music easy to relate to while she attempts to capture the mood we all have after a disappointing day.

The Wldlfe: New

The Wldlfe from Indianapolis are a pop-rock trio brought together by singer-songwriter Jansen Hogan. Their website biography states that they are dedicated to b... Read More

Lauren Marsh: Veracity

"This is an oath to not letting your past define you and never giving up on love" Lauren Marsh writes, describing her latest album - Veracity. Her words start m... Read More