The story behind indie-rock outfit Jamie 4 President is a familiar one – a member of a rock band, compelled by his growing musical ambitions, sets off in a new direction with a side project. Jamie 4 President came to life in 2014 when Jamie Green, frontman of the pop-punk band Wild Animals, formed a new group to present us his more melodic and pop-oriented side as a songwriter. We got a glimpse of this new persona on the band’s debut Dolphins. Now, with their sophomore record Where Did Our Youth Go?, the group returns sharper and more mature than ever before.

Where Did Our Youth Go?, as the name suggests, is a record that revolves around post-adolescent disillusionment and unfulfilled hopes and expectations. These sentiments are put to us with blunt yet witty observations like: “The thrill’s now gone, a page been turned/ You pay for your mistakes though they could be worse/ But where is the band we began back on the coast with?” or “That adolescence comes at a price that is known, why should it make a difference to me?”. As bleak as the lyrics may seem sometimes, the overall mood hardly comes across as sad owing to the vibrant, upbeat instrumentation. Steering absolutely clear of the trite “emo” route, Jamie chooses to use sweet, breezy harmonies and catchy hooks to convey his anxieties. As the bright, twinkling guitars blend with the supple rhythm section, the arrangement strikes a balance between spareness and intricacy. Jamie’s melodic sensibilities remind strongly of The Smiths and The Cure, and often influences from modern psychedelic artists like Ariel Pink are also invoked. Where Did Our Youth Go?, in all, is one of those rare indie-rock/pop gems that manages to be catchy, emotive and lyrically remarkable, all at once. Don’t skip it.

Favorite Tracks: Cherry It’s Alright, Sleepwalking, Where Did Our Youth Go?, The Player, The Only Ones Alive

Track List
1. Cherry it´s Alright 03:19
2. Sleepwalking 04:20
3. Pink Jeans 01:38
4. Little Crisp 02:20
5. Where did our Youth Go? 04:06
6. Blind Man´s Proof 03:08
7. The Player 02:37
8. New Mona Lisa 03:27
9. The Only Ones Alive 02:43
10. I Left my Underwear in San Francisco 01:39

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