Mexico-born singer-songwriter Wet Baes is part of a new wave of artists stemming from the region, injecting a heavy element of retro aesthetic to their work. Despite being a teenager when Youth Attraction was released, the youngster exudes focus and refinement at every turn, elevating the record above the many 80s-styled offerings of the decade.

The main selling point of the album comes from the fantastically tight production. The percussion is heavy-hitting and filled with exciting textures, while the synthesizers lend a neon-light atmosphere to the entire landscape. Reverb and effects complete the proposal to great effect, giving polish and a refreshing set of completion across the board. Wet Baes himself is an adequate singer, often projecting the lowest registries of his voice in a similar fashion to The Strokes‘ Julian Casablancas, to provide a remote reference point. Every track, from Intro to closer Girl, feel grounded and consistent throughout, making Youth Attraction a great listen from beginning to end, instead of a track-by-track, choose-your-favorites affair. The compressed length does not hurt this approach, either; if anything, you will be left wanting more, for which the Play button will always be available to repeat.

Favorite tracks: Intro, Midnight Caller, Goodbye.

Track List:
1. Intro 01:31
2. All Night 04:41
3. Goodbye 05:08
4. Midnight Caller 05:33
5. Girl 05:38

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