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CalenMob is a Google Calendar app developed by Appxy, and it has the clean and simple appearance of Google Calendar while being fully integrated with iOS device... Read More

Go Keyboard

There are a lot of iOS and Android keyboards available, but the Go Keyboard from Guangzhou Jiubang Digital Technology is one of the best. It has a user friendly interface, and its auto correction feature is better compared to other keyboards, so you’ll spend less time typing.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate from PinGuo is a free photo app that’s been ranked number one in several countries, and for good reasons. Although Camera360 Ultimate is free, it’s got a lot of features that rival those of paid photo editing apps for the iOS and Android. Once you download Camera360 Ultimate you’ll have access to hundreds of filters you can use to touch and edit photos including overlay, texture, tilt shift and many more.

Worldwide Telescope

Worldwide Telescope is, as the name suggests, is a virtual telescope that gives you access to the stunning photos that have been taken by Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer. Developed by Microsoft, it is somewhat like Google Sky, but this isn’t just a copycat though, as it has many other features.

Data Monitor

This is an app exclusive to the club of Xperia smartphone users. Data Monitor is a very handy app which helps the owners of the phone to keep a watch over their data usage in the most fuss-free manner available. Developed by Sony Mobile Communications, the firm has really created a masterpiece for their own line of smartphones. The application brings in a sophisticated and easy to use interface as Sony knows their mobile ecosystem and hence bring quality to the forefront for their users.

TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard is an iOS app that offers swipe and gesture functionality, allowing you to use swipe input, Emoji tones and keyboard themes with your iOS 8. Created by TouchPal, It’s a very popular app and includes more than 800 Emoji, themes and is better at predicting than the regular iOS keyboard.

Inrix XD

Inrix XD is a traffic app that provides precise traffic reports as well as road alerts and routing so you can commute in the best possible manner. With this app you can easily find the fastest route to reach your destination, and because you get information early you can decide when to depart and arrive in time.

Post It Plus

Post It Plus app is something you’ll want to use with your Post It Notes. Developed by 3M, the app makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your coworkers and well, take down notes. It’s a very simple concept but very effective, and it works great for mobile devices.

OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word

There has been an uproar on the number of PC platforms that have invaded the technological galaxy, but Microsoft remains dominant with their Office solutions. So, Android users are in for a treat with the availability of OfficeSuite Viewer 6 for their devices. The application was created by Mobile Systems who have developed some of the best apps, not only for Android, but even for iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows PC, JAVA and PalmOS. Though OfficeSuite Viewer is their best till date.