Sleepbot is a sleep cycle alarm app that will gently wake you. It’s actually a smart alarm and sleep cycle tracker in one and is pretty easy to use. This intuitive app allows you to record sounds and movements all through the night, so in effect you can use it to customize sleep.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express from Autodesk is a photo editing application for the iOS and Android that lets you modify and edit your pictures and images quickly. This free app also has a complete set of tools for cropping, resizing, rotating and other image editing tasks that you may have in mind.

Meme-Generator for Windows 8

You see memes everywhere, but what if you want to create one? If you have Windows 8, your best bet would be Meme Generator by Naveen. It’s a free app and is only 27.8 MB so it won’t take long to download. In addition, the application makes creating memes very easy.

Bamboo Paper

amboo Paper from Wacom is a sketching drawing app that’s designed like a digital notebook so you can sketch your ideas and thoughts quickly. Because of the way the app has been put together, you can sketch and draw as if you are using a notebook, making the transition to digital drawing easier.


Bluefish is an open source programming and web development application. Developed by the Bluefish team, it gives you plenty of options for writing scripts, websites and even code. While the program is powerful, it is lightweight and loads quickly even on a netbook. However, don’t mistake the compactness for lack of features, as this is packed.

Fast Keyboard

Fast Keyboard is an iOS notes taking app with a unique keyboard layout whereby the text column is reserved the smallest area while the rest of the display is used for inserting special characters. Because of this design, there’s no need for the shift key in a keyboard.

Dr.Web CureIt!

Dr. Web Cureit is a free antivirus and anti-malware program from Dr. Web. Designed for Windows XP and above, it is capable of detecting and removing viruses, malware and different kinds of malicious programs at the same time. This makes it different from other software that can either remove only malware or viruses.


Timehop is a free social app that allows you to relive the best moments you have with your social network buddies. By using this free app you’ll be able to recall exactly what you were doing months or even years back. In short, this app is going to bring together all your old social network posts and photos, so going back in time is now possible.

Timeline Eons

Timeline Eons is an educational app that offers you a graphical display of the history of the natural world. Going through history books can be a bit dull, but with this app by, things just got a bit more interesting. There’s a paid version available, but the free edition has more than enough features to satisfy history buffs.