C2A is a planetarium software developed by Philippe Deverchère which you can use for building and viewing of stellar fields. With this program you can use it to access several catalogues for use in astrometry, and it also works well as a general purpose planetarium program.


Badoo is a social networking app and a social site, but it’s not a Facebook clone, far from it. In fact it is the opposite. While Facebook is a network of your pals, Badoo is the network for people who have yet to become your friends. In short, it’s a site and app for connecting you with people you don’t know. But it’s not just for dating.

Elevate: Brain Training

Elevate: Brain Training from Elevate is an app that exercises the mind by way of games and tests, with the goal of improving your cognitive abilities. While there is a paid version of the app, this free version offers more than enough to give your brain a workout, and you’ll have some fun in the process.


Paper by Fifty Three is a drawing app for the iOS that offers you several ways to draw and express your ideas. While there are a lot of apps similar to it, Paper stands out by providing you with many great tools for the drawing tasks you may have in mind, specifically outlining, sketching and drawing.


Okular is a free cross platform document reader. Developed by the Okular Team, it is a universal reader that can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD among others. Unlike other so-called document readers that support only PDF and a few other formats, Okular has wide ranging format support.

Tasayui Sketches

Tasayui Sketches from Tasayui is a free drawing and sketching app that provides artists, both new and experienced a new way to draw and sketch. Unlike other drawing apps, Tasayui can be used not just for casual doodling but for concocting complex drawings, illustrations and more. You can even use it to create watercolor paintings.


Easily.Do is an organizer and notifier app all in one. It is also a lot more than that as you can use it to send greetings, work out schedules, check and be notified about the weather, and monitor traffic, among other things.

PolyEdit Lite

PolyEdit Lite is a free word processor for Windows. While it’s not the most powerful word processor out there, it is a perfect replacement for WordPad and Notepad. There is a pro version, but this free version is more than enough for basic writing tasks.

Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk from 4 Axis Solutions is a drawing app for the iOS and Android, and it is one of the few 3D brush stroke apps that are available. The app has several features including stickers, stamps, and assorted brushes, multiple undo, redo and more. In addition the app has a kids and adults mode so you can work in different ways.