Dr.Web CureIt!

Dr. Web Cureit is a free antivirus and anti-malware program from Dr. Web. Designed for Windows XP and above, it is capable of detecting and removing viruses, malware and different kinds of malicious programs at the same time. This makes it different from other software that can either remove only malware or viruses.


Timehop is a free social app that allows you to relive the best moments you have with your social network buddies. By using this free app you’ll be able to recall exactly what you were doing months or even years back. In short, this app is going to bring together all your old social network posts and photos, so going back in time is now possible.

Timeline Eons

Timeline Eons is an educational app that offers you a graphical display of the history of the natural world. Going through history books can be a bit dull, but with this app by, things just got a bit more interesting. There’s a paid version available, but the free edition has more than enough features to satisfy history buffs.


JumiOne by JumiTech is an iOS remote desktop app, and with it you can use your iPhone or iPad to control your Windows PC. This app has features that would normally require downloading of other apps, but JumiOne gives you control of your desktop’s camera, mouse and other applications.


AutoRap from Smule is a free music app that turns ordinary speech into rap. You just talk and the app will turn it into a rap song. You just need to select from the beats that are available and your speech will be turned into rap complete with beats. It’s a unique app and if you’re a rapper or want to be one, this could be what you’re looking for.


Kompozer is a free web authoring tool that offers a complete set of features for WYSIWIG editing of web pages, web file management and performing other tasks. As envisioned by the Kompozer team, it’s a fully furnished system but easy to use, and ideal for non-technical people who want to produce a professional looking site without needing to learn coding.


Brackets is a free open source web development tool designed for front end developers and professional web designers. While there are plenty of web editors around, Brackets differs because it combines all the essential tools in the editor as you’re coding. It also saves all the changes you make automatically without the need to reload, but there’s more.


Inkpad is an illustration app for the iOS that offers features you won’t see in other drawing apps for the platform. Developed by Taptrix, this app incorporates a lot of elements that you normally see in full featured desktop applications like masks and compound paths, but there’s more.


C2A is a planetarium software developed by Philippe Deverchère which you can use for building and viewing of stellar fields. With this program you can use it to access several catalogues for use in astrometry, and it also works well as a general purpose planetarium program.