Yik Yak

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app for the iOS and Android that enables anyone to create and look at “Yaks” within a specific radius, which for now is 10 miles. But unlike other anonymous social media apps it’s designed mainly for use with people near you, so the posts are more relevant.

AppStore WorldWide

AppStore WorldWide is a simple but very useful Windows Phone app. Developed by iExplore, it gives you a new and more practical way to display apps in the Windows Store. If you spend a lot of time downloading and installing apps on your Windows mobile, this will come in handy.


Google2SRT by Komz is a free utility that lets you download, keep and convert several subtitles off Google Video and YouTube into SubRip (.srt) format. SRT is a format that majority of media players recognize, so if you play and edit videos a lot this tool will be very convenient.


Psiphon is a tool built to evade Internet censorship. The app is currently maintained by Psiphon Inc. although it was originally developed by Citizen Lab for the OpenNet Initiative (ONI). Available for Windows and Android, Psiphon uses SSH, VPN and HTTP Proxy secure technologies to bypass filters imposed by governments on Internet users.


Pomelo is a photo app from Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd that provides you with several tools and filters to create and touch up photos quickly and easily. There are plenty of photo apps on mobile, but the filters here are surprisingly fresh and original when compared to the rest in the market.


Edjing is a party app, pure and simple. If you’re hosting a party and don’t have the money to spend on a professional DJ, this app will let you do it yourself. This free DJ app is available for Windows, Android and the iOS, and it’s very easy to use. Even if you haven’t done any DJ work before, you’ll have no trouble learning this.


FaceQ is an avatar creator for the IOS and Android. Rather than just use emoticons to express how you feel, you can create a custom avatar that shows what you’re doing and how you’re feeling as well. Aside from being free, the avatars you can create here are more detailed than regular smileys. The app was developed by Erick Kuo and Mantan Studios.


WebMatrix is a web development tool developed by Microsoft, and with this cloud connected tool you’ll be able create, publish and maintain your website easily. With this application you’ll also be able to use HTML5 templates, Node.js, Php, ASP.NET and use the newest standards like CSS3, HTML5, JQuery and JavaScript.