Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk from 4 Axis Solutions is a drawing app for the iOS and Android, and it is one of the few 3D brush stroke apps that are available. The app has several features including stickers, stamps, and assorted brushes, multiple undo, redo and more. In addition the app has a kids and adults mode so you can work in different ways.


Brewster is a free address book app that makes it easy for you to better manage your contacts in social media sites like LinkedIn, Gmail and Facebook among others. Developed by Brewster Inc., the app provides you with an straightforward way to merge those contacts and manage them.


If you’ve been using Twitter you’ve probably heard of @UberFacts, that account where you can read wonderful, weird and bizarre facts. Well now you can get the UberFacts on your iOS device from Uber Unlimited, and it has all the facts and information you love in their Twitter account, and more.


Retrica is a free photo editing app that’s designed for lovers of selfies. Developed by Sangwon Park, it has special filters and effects that turn ordinary pictures into vintage looking images. With this app you don’t need to use open up a large program just to spice up your image.

Jujuba Software Clock

Jujuba Software Clock from Jujuba Software is a free, easy to use program that allows you to put an easy to read clock on your Windows desktop. However, this app does more than that as it lets you time your activities using a countdown timer or a stopwatch, making it very useful.

CamScanner Free

CamScanner is a mobile document scanning app, but unlike others, the app uses a proprietary algorithm so the images you scan are much clearer. Once you’ve installed this app from IntSig Information, you can use CamScanner to scan, sync, collaborate and store documents on your computer and mobile devices.

Sing! Karaoke

Sing! Karaoke, an app from Smule, is here to help you to sing like you never had a chance to before, all while having entire world participating. In essence, Sing! Karaoke is a party app that lets you get a little crazy, and it’s a lot of fun to use. There are also plenty of songs available, and your friends can join and post comments at any time.