My Radar from Aviation Data Systems is a complete app for tracking the weather. There are a lot of weather apps, but My Radar has them beat in terms of features. With this you can tell if a storm is headed in your area, plus there are tools for checking precipitation as well as cloud cover, so it goes deeper than most other apps.

The app displays a radar map and a quick tutorial shows you how it works. The default settings should suit most users, but it’s not hard to make changes. To view the information in a graphical style, tap and pull down the menu and you will see a five day forecast including the weather for the time of day.

The radar map can be customized as well: just tap the icon at the bottom of your display and from there you’ll be able to change it to Temp or HD and get an idea of the temperature around your place. If you want to see more just add layers to the map like precipitation and clouds and you’ll see more. If you’re having trouble seeing the colors, tap the map icon and make the adjustments.

My Radar comes with a lot of tracking tools that casual users may not use, but it’s good to know they’re there if you do need it. There are several options for visualizing and checking the weather, and it’s nice to be able to add layers so you customize the information that’s being displayed. If you like being updated on the weather on a consistent basis, try My Radar.

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