Treat yourselves today with a ray positive tunes all the way from Toulouse, France. Producer/beatmaker ProleteR keeps thing unpredictable by churning out intricately arranged pieces driven by pure artistry.

In Curses From The Past Time, ProleteR explores vintage hues and combines them with adrenaline-inducing melodies to create moments that are enlivening to the ears.


The eight-track collection opens up with April Showers, a four-minuter piece that jump starts the album’s overall mood. Here, ProleteR recreates a sense of nostalgia through layers of comical old melodies layered with grain and texture. The song utilizes lively sample to set a quirky, fun-filled sonic atmosphere.

Downtown Irony follows with slower, bolder tunes that are remixed with jazz/charleston samples. Even though it uses the same formula as that of April Showers, this piece paints a darker, mature soundscape that’s perfect for late-night grooving.

The Misfit Song concludes the album in a more experimental note. A layer of comical French dialogue is laden over country strings and operatic vocals. Imagine the hodgepodge of samples mixed with hip hop beats! However, ProleterR still manages to create a cohesive, organic sound for easy-listening.

ProleteR‘s Curses From The Past Time gives traditional hip hop beatmaking/producing a facelift. Using samples and combinations that usually do not go together, ProleteR proves his skills by magically pairing these pieces to produce tracks that not only entertains, but reverberates him as an artist as well.

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