Anois is made up of the German pair of Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier. They describe their songs as “fragile folk-electronica,” and they record their songs with instruments as varied as the guitar, melodica, fan organ, glockenspiel, and other acoustic instruments. The result is a rather introspective album that you can relax to. It also gives you greater insight into their world if you really listen closely and pay attention to their lyrics. “Tree House Whispers” is a 13-track album available for free via the netlabel Aerotone.

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The Aerotone website proclaims that they “love melancholic music,” and Anois is no exception. Don’t let that scare you off though – the music is still very accessible and a good listen no matter what your mood. The electronica elements elevate the album from being yet another excessively introspective collection of music.


Still, I do not recommend listening to it if you want to listen to something to cheer you up, or if you need a boost. Anois does admit that their songs are inspired by how they feel when the weather is miserable outside, and even that they may “remind you of your own lost heart.” The album is best listened to when it’s cold or dark outside.

If you don’t mind receiving a free newsletter, then you can also sign up so you can download “Foreign Tragedies,” a 7-track EP also by Anois. Be sure to visit their website to have a sneak peek at the songs on “Tree House Whispers” (there’s a Flash player with their songs on the site) as well as to sign up for the newsletter for your bonus free EP! That’s two free albums in one trip!

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