The indie rock market is filled with a lot of promising acts, and one that manages to stand out is Cellophane Sam. His debut album Desire, takes the listener to a unique musical journey, with songs that speak to the heart and mind. Desire was first released on where it stayed at number 1 for several weeks, and once you listen to the tracks you’ll realize why it captivates listeners.

The album has 5 songs that that capture a wide range of emotions and experiences. The opening track, Every Cowboy, talks about finding your way in this world, trying not to waste time and doing the right thing at the right time. These are emotions and circumstances that everyone can identify with, which makes for worthwhile listening.

Birds at Sea speaks of love and getting away from it all, while the Center of the Storm is about the blue sky in the midst of turbulence. Run Hound talks of trying to find yourself and making your way back home, while the title track encapsulates the feelings and emotions of the album.

The tracks have a distinct sound, with touches of acoustic and light rock, but each one is unique in its own way. Desire is a well crafted album that’s nice to listen to, and provides food for thought as well.

Track List
1. Every Cowboy
2. Birds at Sea
3. Center of the Storm
4. Run Hound
5. Desire

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