Sheets by singer-songwriter Leah Lawson from Nashville pivots around the idea that there can often be much beauty in human frailty. Showing herself at her most vulnerable, Leah makes her music easy to relate to while she attempts to capture the mood we all have after a disappointing day.


“I wish you pushed me up against wall and kissed me” the EP begins with Leah singing in a voice which clearly makes it known that she’s heartbroken, desirous and doubtful of herself. Guitars echo and a piano soon kicks in to build a beautifully glum atmosphere, setting the tone for the rest of the record.

Most of the EP’s charm, however, comes from Leah’s astute ability to explore the feelings we all experience in common – whether it is the despair of wanting someone who doesn’t want us back or the often occurring drop in self-confidence that can make you terribly self-conscious. Think about the low points you’ve been through in the past week and Leah will probably have a line about it in one of her songs.

Sheets displays Leah as a stellar songwriter, as well as a gifted lyricist. It would be a pleasure hearing more from her.

Favorite Track: Halloween


Track List
1. Halloween
2. Better
3. In Red
4. Hold
5. Israel

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