Nobody’s Innocent is a pop-dance, electro/club album by 27-year old French artist Reead. If you can summarize the whole album in one word, it would have to be “surprising”. The collection is a tight mesh of dance tunes and quiet acoustic serenades, which from the sound of it doesn’t seem too appealing—but trust me, this album is one surprise you shouldn’t miss. The dance tracks reflect the artist’s funky side as influenced by constantly evolving pop singer Madonna while the soothing acoustic tracks show the strong impact of pop-rock band Lifehouse on the French singer. Reead manages to pull off this unlikely union of two different genres with admirable aplomb.

You can easily sense Reead’s flair for drama just by listening to the first song called “The End of A Story That Never Began”. It starts with moody drum beats and opens to the singer’s astute vocals which eventually drops to a whisper. The electronic effects are kept to a minimum, only serving as accents, while Reead’s voice dominates the song. Guitar rifts are slowly introduced and dies out in the end.

The same slowly ascending beginning characterizes “Nobody’s Innocent”. As vocals are ushered in, you’d find your head bopping to the catchy beat. It’s perfect for the club or if you just need a pick-me-up during the day.

Another interesting song is “Baby (Dance With Me)”. It’s an honest-to-goodness pop-dance-electro song with no pretensions whatsoever. All Reead is doing here is trying to make you dance with his digitized voice and electro-mix but hey, he’s actually pretty good at it. The song ends in bass riffs.

All in all, the album is pretty good. I suggest you download it if you’re into catchy music. However, don’t expect ground-breaking stuff here. It’s all been done before, but Nobody’s Innocent is saved from being boring because of Reead’s special take on musical composition.

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