One of the difficulties of traveling, especially if you don’t have your laptop with you, is leaving behind your bookmarks and email settings. Security can also be an issue; perhaps the browser you’re using on that internet cafe computer has been infected with a virus or a keylogger. Fortunately, there is now a portable alternative that fits into even the tiniest USB flash drive. provides a completely free, portable, and open source solution for the person on the go: The Suite.

A portable app is basically any application or computer program that can fit on any portable device, such as a USB flash drive or portable hard drive, and can be used on any Windows computer. All personal data, such as bookmarks, are also saved in the app, so even when switching computers, you still have access to your personal information and preferences.

The Suite is an excellent starting point for someone who wants to travel with one’s personal preferences even without lugging around a laptop. Included in the suite are the Menu and Backup, so you can launch programs and make back-ups straight from your portable device.

Other portable apps bundled with the suite are Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (email), Sunbird (calendar/tasks), ClamWin (antivirus), Pdigin (instant messaging), Sumatra (PDF reader), KeePass (password manager), CoolPlayer+ (audio player), PNotes (notes), OpenOffice (office suite), and the games Sudoku and Mines-Perfect. Once installed, you also have the option of downloading and adding more portable apps, as found on the website. Suite Menu

The Suite has everything you may want as a travel companion, especially if you don’t want to use the default programs the internet cafe you’re at has. What’s great is that you can save your bookmarks and personal settings as well, so you don’t have to memorize or write down important URLs or passwords. Plus, the Suite is ony 355MB total, so there’s more than enough space for anything else you want to bring along.

System Requirements:

Windows 95*/98*/Me*/2000/XP/Vista.
Wine under Linux/UNIX/BSD/Mac OS X

*The base apps and some bundled apps will work under Windows 95/98/Me

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