In need for some more than chilled sounds to spice up your weekend? If so you are in on a little treat from our friends in Budapest.

Smarton Trio +1 Remixes released by Budabeats Netlabel in March of this year is a great compilation of remixes of the jazzy band Smarton Trio by some of the Hungary’s best DJs around, including M.W.D., Suhov, Dermot, JumoDaddy, Savages y Suefo, Ba10+Bal, and Franco Mento.

The release comes armed with a perfect blend of soul, jazz, deep electronic sounds, and occasional voice snippets showing up in all the right places.
We begin our journey with Dream by DJ Dermot, a beautiful remix featuring dreamy female vocals, very low key and refreshing beats and, as you approach 2’50”, just a touch of acoustic guitar acting as a 5 second intermission to the rest of the track.

smarton trio+1 – dream – suhov remix by budabeats

The second track, Fast Rock by Savages & Suefo comes forward with a good dose of soul inspired electronic sounds, which further show up and take over songs such as Reprise. However, if what you are looking for is the more jazzy feel make sure to head straight to the world of Dérapage Controlé, a M.W.D. remix. The track is full of chill vibes, wonderful guitar work, and beats that will make you want to shake your hips for the rest of the day.

The album comes with 35’05” minutes of real musical goodness and is made available for a free download from the Budabeats Netlabel’s website.

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