Boost your morning commute or walk with some FitBit-suited tracks from Julia Fanning‘s EP.

Released July this year, Fanning’s love for both pop and country music translate into a spectacle of sound where energy is evoked slowly, instead of smacking you right in the face.

Julia Fanning opens up the EP with Devil, a rousing track laced with pop melodies contoured with the songstress’ crisp tonality. Love Surrender follows in a more toned down fashion, opening up in an emotional piano ensemble that slowly builds into a tune-busting arrangement to wake up your spirit.

In Flying, Fanning belts out high tunes flawlessly and then slowly transcend to upbeat, positive tunes for easy listening.

Closing the album is The River, which utilizes subtle piano keys to highlight Julia Fanning’s powerful vocals. Paired with male vocals, this piece channels shows Fannings’ flexibility wether in upbeat or more serious songs.

This EP displays that Julia Fanning has the staying power and sharp focus to be a mainstay in the indie music scene.

Track List:
1. Devil
2. Love Surrender
3. If I Had It All
4. Flying
5. The River

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