Krento is a free 3D application launcher for Windows. It features a three-dimensional circular dock where you can access your applications, customize your dock sets, drag & drop your files, and make your own shortcuts.

It makes it easy for you to organize your desktop and access your favorite programs in a flash. Krento is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Krento enables Windows users to be more productive since it easily fixes those messy icons and shortcuts on your desktop. Documents, files and folders can quickly be stored in those Krento ‘stones’ where you can access them faster. Drag and drop your files, folders and application shortcuts on the stones, or organize different dock sets which house different stones.

Besides your files and folders, Krento can also organize your Internet bookmarks. When you want to access a favorite page, all you have to do is click on a Krento stone and you are good to go.

The Krento Stones Circle can be accessed by pressing the Windows + C keys simultaneously, or by pressing your mouse wheel. Alternatively, you can also double click on the Krento Pulsar. After which, you can drag and drop just about any file or bookmark from the Windows Explorer or browser to the stones.

To launch your favorite stones, a single click would do the trick, or a single Enter press and it’s open. You may also choose to press CTRL + F1 to F12 (depending on the number of the stone) and you would access that particular stone without having to bring the Stones Circle up.

Krento also has a portable edition which can be a mainstay in your external hard drive or USB flash drive.

From Serhiy Perevoznyk on Feb 3rd, 2011:
Krento version 2.0 is released and available for download for free from

What’s new in this release:

The limitation of 12 stones per application ring is gone
You can add an additional stones to the application ring
You can remove stones from the application ring
You can reorder stones on the ring
Stone icon can be an animated GIF image
New high-speed built-in web server. Krento can be controlled using web browser
Improved compatibility with Windows 7
Improved 64 bit support
Added more than 20 new built-in stones
Improved skins drawing. Most of the skins was redesigned and some new skins added.
New option IntegrateToolbar added to the Krento.ini file. When activated, Krento shows the jump list in Windows 7
Extended support for Krento Toys. Now Toys can be written in C#, VB or JavaScript and distributed as a script source files. No compilation needed. It makes possible to create new Toys without using Visual Studio.
Added the hint window with the name of the current Application Ring.
Added new buttons for more easy navigation between the rings and activating the setting dialog
Added additional high-resolution images for the most popular applications and web sites. You can extend this collection by yourself in very easy way.
The menu skin can be changed directly from the main menu.
Ctrl + Left Mouse Button Click shows the list of the available application rings
During the setup the speed optimization for your PC is performed
For better speed many functions was translated from C# to C++
Improved drag and drop support for Krento stones
Many other internal fixes…

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