Need help organizing your day? Astrid is a handy little app that can help you get things done. It contains plenty of features that you will surely benefit from. The application was designed by Todoroo Inc. and comes loaded with features that can get you organized in no time.

It’s available for free download on any Android system and contains plenty of ways where you can easily customize it according to your own needs. The program is definitely the perfect choice for any person looking for some help when it comes to fulfilling regular tasks and obligations.

Astrid provides users with a host of features that they can take advantage of. The application comes loaded with task management options to help any person have a more productive day. It comes with reminders in checklist form and clicking on any particular task lets you see the details. It’s easy to edit the tasks as well as set a particular action into alarm mode. The application also lets you add tags so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

This tiny little app is also quite easy to use. Once you poke around its functions, it’s easy to understand and personalize it according to your preferences. If you already have a To-Do list typed up on Gmail, you can easily sync it with this program so you have better access to it. It also works together with online organizer, Remember The Milk. ┬áThe best thing about this app, in my opinion, is that the interface is perfectly suited for thumb or finger typing.

Hence, if you are looking for a reliable application that is functional and actually works, then you might want to check out Astrid. This lightweight open source, to-do list maker is definitely worth the download.

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