Fotobounce is a photo management software that lets users upload images, even on a phone. Once on the web, these images can be shared. What makes the software different is its security. You decide who gets to see your photos. The software from Applied Recognition Inc also makes it easy to upload pictures to AirSet, Flickr and Facebook.

But what sets Fotobounce apart is its facial recognition technology. This feature streamlines photo organization and tagging. You can delete images as well. That a free program has a technology that can tell people apart is a pleasant surprise. The programís setup wizard assists in scanning images. These are added to the program automatically. You can invite your friends to view the pictures, collections and albums.


For many though, Fotobounceís biggest attraction is its private, secure nature. Once you download and install the program, you can configure it so only your friends and family (called bouncers by the program) will see the images. The network is centralized in your computer, not some unknown website or service.

Fotobounce is quick; loading several photos will only take a few moments. Thanks to its facial recognition feature, the software learns to recognize them and use the right tags. The versatile sorting options make it a snap to arrange numerous pictures. Also, you donít need to re-tag when uploading on a social networking site. It also helps you remove pictures from Facebook quickly. Pictures in Fotobounce can be emailed at full resolution.

Fotobounce is a well rounded free photo management application. If you love sharing photos online but wary of losing your privacy, this program is a good alternative.

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