If you ever wondered how smoke behaves during any particular scenario, then you could definitely benefit from having Dusty in your computer. Now, I know you’re probably scratching your head and asking yourself, “what do I need a smoke simulator for?” Well, for one, it’s helpful if you’re an animator, game developer or artist and you want to realistically portray how smoke would flow when a fire is lit up.

The program is available for download on Windows but there’s also a Mac version. The algorithm is based on the Stable Fluids Algorithm created by Jos Stam.

The program is designed to simulate fire and smoke in real time. Even though it might seem like a useless software for many people, it’s a helpful program that can help artists, 3D renderers and even those who are in the law enforcement to map down how a fire started and spread throughout. Artists can also easily recreate the flow of smoke in their own projects etc.

The program is easy to use. You can control and place obstacles found in any natural setting and it will show how the fire or smoke flows in a realistic way. It was created using the TEKlib and FLTK Toolkit. It’s definitely a cool program to try out if you need something that will help explain the fire and smoke flow. It’s a simple software that is certainly helpful.

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