There are already countless image editing software available for free download online, but like many things there’s always room for one more. Image Tricks is one of the new kids on the block, and like the new kid it comes filled with tons of bling eager to be shown around.

The program was created by Belight Software, which also offers plenty of other cool, free software that users can download. It uses the Mac OSX Core Image as well as the Quartz Composition for editing.

This nifty program is packed with cool features that most image editors and beginners will find useful.

With Image Tricks Lite you can easily edit your photos and fashion them according to your liking. Some of the features of the program include: 77 core image effects and filters; 35 quartz composition; 13 image generators and 100 unique masks. The software is also capable of accommodating over 20 image formats. It’s also possible to export and save files in these same formats.

Some of the specific features include:

  • Adjust colors (Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, etc.)
  • Blur images (Motion Blur, Sharpen Luminance, Unsharp Mask, etc.)
  • Distort faces and more (Bump, Pinch, Twirl, etc.)
  • Turn a photo into art (Mosaic, Color Pencil, Halftone, etc.)
  • Blend two pictures together (Page Curl, Checkerboard, etc.)
  • Tile an image, create a kaleidoscope out of it, crop it, and much more!

(Source: iTunes App Store)

Of course, there’s a pro version available for the program. It provides more features that come with a one time price of $9.99. Nevertheless, if you just need a program to work on your everyday image editing, you’ll have everything you need in this free version.

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