If you are an artist looking for a program that will allow you to paint and create your artwork without any problems, then give MyPaint a try. This handy software was created especially with the digital painter in mind.

Featuring a simple, bare bones layout and tons of brushes emulating specific types of media; the software ensures artists can easily get down to business without the hassle.

The program is an open sourced project that’s available for free download on Mac, Windows and Linux.

For most artists and painters, the trouble with majority of the softwares out there right now is that there are simply too many things to fuss about. With MyPaint, it’s easier to focus on painting than fussing about looking for the right button or brush to achieve the right effect.

The program was created starting August 2004. It has evolved through the years and has been updated along with bug fixes and more options. To make it work, the program incorporates plenty of brushes that users can choose from. From acrylic, charcoal, markers, texture, oil, watercolor and much more; MyPaint provides these to allow digital painters to mimic the feel and texture of a specific media onto the digital canvas. If you need more types of brushes, you can go ahead and create one as well.

Much of the brushes and the menu can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. The program works okay with a mouse but it was designed to work much better with a graphics tablet. This will provide more definition and control when you’re creating your digital masterpieces.

Different selections, like color triangles, color ring, color changer, color sampler and pick color, are also available. All of the functions are easy to familiarize as you try out the program. Layers as well as zoom in and out are also some of the additional options that make everything so much easier.

The only real downside is that it remains strictly as a painting program and not exactly ideal for editing. If you would like to tweak and edit your artwork, then you would need to pull up an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP to fully edit your image.

Nevertheless, MyPaint is perfect if you’re simply looking for a painting software without the fuss. In fact, it more than exceeds the expectations when it comes to this aspect.

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