Need a good tracker for the different tasks or projects you need to get done? iProcrastinate is a helpful tool that might become your best friend.

Let’s face it, we all love to procrastinate at some point. Whether we simply hate organizing things that we’re supposed to do or just like to put things off on purpose; this little program could help you sort things out.

Developed by Craig Otis, iProcrastinate is available as a free download for the iPhone and Mac. It’s a helpful organizer that’s perfect for students, moms, or anybody who needs help getting things in their to-do list done.

It’s the perfect tracker for any person who wants a light-weight, easy to use organizer. You can simply download it and start putting up your tasks. It provides a simple but very sleek interface so nothing gets in your way.

When you open the program on your mac, you’ll get two screens. One is for the list screen and the other one is for the calendar view. The list screen is where you can place and edit your entries. Add a list of important projects and deadlines coming up. Put in your homeworks list or even just write down important dates that you don’t want to miss out. Users also have the option to attach files if there’s a need to.

Switching to calendar mode lets you see all of the tasks that you’ve put in and the dates you specified for them. Synchronizing them with your iPhone makes the program so much easier to use, since you can easily check what needs to be done even while you’re on the go.

Overall, you just need to tinker with it a bit to make use of the advanced features but apart from that, it’s a very easy program to master.

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