Post instrumental Singaporean band quietly showcases their thoughts and ideals. Pre-EP by While They Are Sleeping is a short but melodically sweet sounding EP that touches your senses. Each single is entirely raw and some of the edges are a bit rough but the sound is dreamy and worth every minute.

While They Were Sleeping entices you and sucks you into their blissful sound. So why not let it take you away, even for just an instant? Pre-EP is the group’s fist record and it was released about two years ago. Although the band typically plays and sounds like any other post-instrumental rock band out there, the group nevertheless creates lush soundscapes that are interesting and easy to fall in love with.

Some of the more standout tracks in the album includes track number 2, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. The soft guitar work and the solemn intro, works great for creating a somber mood. The track swells up to rockish guitar however, it’s hard to take the full effect of the crescendo since the recording is a bit muffled. A Friend Across the Margin features samples in between guitar work as well as a weird symphony orchestra closing.

Overall, the album is nothing absolutely special, but it is definitely an interesting album if you just want something to accompany you in your quiet afternoon.

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