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Stuedabakerbrown: Strangers We’ll Become

Stuedabakerbrown is an odd name for a band but what others might see as a poor name choice, the band more than makes up for with their sound. Strangers We'll Become is the band's 2010 release. Containing 11 catchy tracks, the album has helped propel the band into the limelight. They've managed to tour with national touring acts like Say Anything and The Spill Canvas. Moreover, much of their catalogs are licensed for use on cable networks like MTV, ESPN etc. Thanks to their refreshing and smart alternative rock, it's hard to dismiss the band as just another altrock number.

Receptacle Magazine: Receptacle Magazine Vol #3

Receptacle Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine that focuses on anything about the arts. Founded back in 2010, the magazine interviews artists, shares music from various, exciting bands and overall, just showcases their love for art. Receptacle Magazine Vol#3 is the accompanying mix for their third issue. Consisting of 10 tracks from different artists that play music ranging from eclectic folk, indie & new wave to rock. Some of the bands and artists featured in the record include Boris Smile, Doctor KA, The House, Spazzkid among others.

Mark.Nine: Bicycles

Containing a mix of flowy and sometimes gritty instrumental tracks, Bicycles is more of a metaphore for how these two wheeled contraptions allows us to travel and take us to places. Mark.Nine's sound is a lot like that. It's both soothing and disturbing (on occasion) compelling its listeners to seek what's beyond. There's a mix of uptempo rhythms, to ethereal sounding cuts; there are even slight dance tracks contained within some of the singles. Not much is available about the singer, even his Facebook info section only states that he's "a figment of your imagination." His sound is real though and it's quite worth taking a listen to.

Evan Uhlmann: Blue Lipstick

Evan Uhlmann has a knack for creating fun pop songs, complete with cheeky lyrics and a catchy melody. It's the type of songs you won't mind playing even if you aren't big on pop music at all. Born in Chicago, Uhlmann now calls New York City his home. While studying in Wales, he was under the tutelage of Ray Davies, among the founding members of the British band, The Kinks. Just last year in September, he released his first debut record and called it, Blue Lipstick. Combining pop with acoustic indie rock guitar work, the record contains songs that are playful and with good composition.

Beat Culture: Tokyo Dreamer

A fairly fresh ambient compilation that's already generating buzz among internet music fans; Beat Culture's Tokyo Dreamer is looking forward to a great year. The young musician behind the album is Korean born, USA based, Sunik Kim. He's fairly new in the musical playing field but he's definitely showing promise by expertly combining various synth sounds with careful pianos and pitched shift vocals. As a results, the album is a rich hodge podge of sound that reflects an electronic ambient feel along with a hint of shoegaze rock for those few.

Guerre: Darker My Love

Guerre is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Lavurn Lee. He's originally from Toronto but currently based in Australia. Even though he started out creating music with a hushed folk sound, Guerre's sound has evolved into a sophisticated mix of ambient electronic pop with a touch of soul. This debut EP from the artist strings together a lush set of tracks that tackle love, sex, guilt and exudes a somewhat silent remorse. It's moody, eclectic pop in a really good way.

Martina Matwiejczuk: Extended Play

You won't find much about Martina Matwiejczuk online. Save for the few links on her Facebook Page, there's hardly any info about the singer herself. Even though she remains a mysterious figure in the music scene, her sound might just pluck her out of this obscurity soon enough. This Polish singer has a knack for creating catchy pop and R&B laced tracks that seems destined to receive good airplay. Her EP, Extended Play is a first for her. It comes with 5 feel-good cuts ready to make you a convert to her music.