Based in Mexico, Breathe Compilations has long been a haven of eclectic electronica and dark, dub waves.

The label has been around since 2008 and they’ve become a platform for several releases; offering them all for free download under a Creative Commons License.
Ivan Black’s Genuit Machina EP consists of 4 tracks that paint ethereal and dark soundscapes; making you feel as if you’re walking through a dark tunnel in the middle of the night.

Genuit Machina EP is the kind of record you pop in if you feel like exploring the moody dark side. Opening with the title track, the cut would be the appropriate soundtrack for that moment when Neo wakes up from The Matrix for the first time. It’s like opening your eyes (in this case, ears) to a world where vile robots run the human race and you’re left reeling and grappling to find meaning. Carefully adding moments of industrial, prog and overall ambient atmosphere; it s great six minute track to get lost in.

Mystical Trauma and Rhythm, on the other hand, are quite different from each other. The former extends that dark vibe from the title track while the latter features a more rockish beat. Rhythm is also a slightly brighter track compared to the other singles; indulging in a bit of groovy electronica in certain instances.

The short EP is closed off by The Cover of Dark. A 7-minute cut that explores what seem to be dark rumbles and thunderstorms up ahead. It brings back the mood of the opening single and finishes the compilation in the same tone.

Overall, this is an album for those who love experimental dark electronica. A moody piece that will definitely bring in a lot interest to a gloomy afternoon. Check it out and grab the download.

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