Lilly Wolf: This Painted Life

Lilly Wolf amps up the rave with This Painted, a collection of trip-hop dance tunes that trigger the right amount of high to get you moving on the dance floor. Hailing from Brooklyn, Lilly Wolf is the musical project of Lilly Wolf herself and Alex Neuhausen a.k.a. Dr. Nu. The duo creates infectious dance pop tracks that infuses hard-hitting beats into electronic music.

SoUnD WaVeS: Running Not Skipping

LA DJ, SoUnD WaVeS (Michael Martinez) might not be a household name just yet but he can create catchy tunes worth churning out over the dancefloor. SoUnD WaVeS started DJ'ing back in 1999 where he used the moniker, DJ Brownsugar. Combining his skillful mixes along with this personal artwork, he creates a lush wall of sound with a nice artistic appeal. Initially inspired after seeing Daft Punk live, he has pursued creating music that triggers "a chain reaction of body movement, which then evolves into dancing. "

Wood Spider: Decadence

Six-piece band Wood Spider has triumphed in their latest full-length album titled Decadence. The album has ten tracks that features an expansive, yet organic combination of varying instruments from guitar, banjo, ukulele, cello, and a lot more. Wood Spider consists of Mike Ditrio (banjo/guitar), Alex Krokus (ukulele/glockenspiel), Esteban Silva (accordion), Fanny Rose (cello), Maxwell Lysobey (percussion/violin/saw), and Pete Olynciw (upright bass). According to their Facebook page, the band is signed under Birthquake Records.

United Noise: Remix Theory

If you're up for some industrial music, you'll find something to enjoy from this record by United Noise. Creating a dark, atmospheric, almost Rammstein vibe, Remix Theory is a complex album filled with synaptic beats and pulsating rhythms. The album was released back in 2011 and is described by the creators as "a remix album from a bunch of mental electro industrial techno heads who live in Scotland."

Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind: Someday Soon

It's rare to meet an authentic and soulful alternative rock singer these days. However, if there ever was one that came closest to belonging in this little niche; you can bet Joe Marson is one of them. Armed with a guitar, beautiful melodies and a voice that's heartfelt and mesmerizing, Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind has created a gem of a record. Currently based in Brooklyn, this is their latest release. Consisting of previous recordings as well as originals, it comes in the heels of their 2011 record, Post Cards From Siren City. The album enchants and provides a fresh take of the alternative scene. Perfect for lovers of musicians like Ben Harper and Jeff Buckley.

Wood Spider: In The Thick of It

After making an appearance on the Frostclick blog for their 2011 release, Tending Fires; the raucous lo-fi indie band, Wood Spider is back with In The Thick of It. The 6-track compilation reeks of diy folk punk aesthetics with a touch of the gypsy sound that has characterized much of the bandís sound. Itís this utter weirdness that makes this compilation a great one to check out. Filled with odd singing/rambling, acoustic guitars and various bits and bobs, the record is for those who can appreciate the unusual or maybe those who have a penchant for dancing around a bonfire during camping nights.

Dead Unicorn: Global Thermonuclear War

For those who want a break from all the indie rock they've been playing lately, Dead Unicorn can provide something more potent. Global Thermonuclear War is a hardcore slight emocore rock record that provides louder drums, vocals, bass and pretty much everything. This is the sophomore album for the band after their initial release, Yellow Supervolcano.

Jonathan Dimmel: The Worst and the Best

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan Dimmel not only writes music for himself but also plays in the band Satellites and Sirens. So what does Jonathan Dimmel have that separates him from his fellow indie rock and rollers? His songs are heavily inspired by rotations on many contemporaries that helps fill the void in the indie rock genre.