The First by Sparkling Sun is an acoustic indie pop gem that reminds you of  a quiet bike ride under the beautiful morning sun. It’s filled with relaxing cuts that’s accompanied with simple percussions and melodic acoustic guitars.

This French group creates perfect music for anybody who adores quiet indie folk pop music with a heart and soul.

Sparkling Sun gathers 6 acoustic and instrumental indie folk tracks that make any morning reverie possible. Opening up with the blissful, One Day In the City; the track perfectly sets the mood for the entire album. With its simple guitar work, calming unison vocals and barely there percussions, it’s a track that lulls you to sleep.

Seise (sic) the Day, enters with a slightly upbeat acoustic strumming accompanied by funky keyboard/piano work in the background. Other awesome tracks in this compilation include the purely instrumental number, A Rain of Madness Falls on the Silly Walker Part II.

If you don’t like songs that have a knack to make you fall asleep because it’s so darn sweet and soothing, then you better stay away from this one. It basically has everything you need for a nice morning outside, where you feel that everything in the world is just right.

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