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Want to hear the best of Hip Hop, House, Inditronic, and Dub without spending hours sampling music on the web? Well turn your speakers up because you are in the right place, at the right time., an online magazine for quality netaudio, just released their next 12/10 compilation of the best tracks under the Creative Commons license. And it means that you can download it for free and share it with others as long as you give credit to the creators.

This month’s compilation features the music from Formula, Nils Hoffman, Tom Ackleberg, John Ming, and Lomovolokno, among others and was selected as a highlight of the last month of this already greatly missed decade. is run by a team of young artists, musicians, DJs, programmers, and producers from Germany, all dedicated to the vision of Creative Commons with a passion for electronic media and sharing some of the greatest tracks of Free-Music Scene. It features reviews of music from genres as diverse as broken beat, dubstep, hip hop, house, indietronica, minimal and trance.
And for those seeking the best of the best, is releasing their monthly review of all the featured genres. So be sure to keep posted on what’s next in 2011!

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