Looking for a challenging yet fun game of Solitaire? Try out this Full Deck Solitaire from GRL Games. Full Deck Solitaire lets you play this classic card game along with some fun new features.

Showcasing an easy to use interface and great graphics, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Solitaire on your free time. It’s also perfect if you simply need a breather from all the work you have.

Created by GRL Games, the game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store. It works great on the iPad, iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

Full Deck Solitaire provides plenty of great features players can easily enjoy. Even if you fancy yourself a Solitaire¬†aficionado, you might find some of the games incorporated here to be a bit challenging. It comes with 22 Solitaire games; each one entertaining and challenging. There’s also a built-in statistics tracker which lets you track your wins, scores etc.

If you need a little help or simply feeling stuck, there’s a nice hint system within the game that lets you see which moves you can make. It also comes with various options in adjusting the background or wallpaper so players can easily relax while playing the game.

The game has also been recently updated so a few of the bugs present in the original game are now fixed. Developers also perfected smoother card movement as well as added top menu options.¬†Feel free to grab the download for this cool game. It’s certainly worth it.

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