Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios is an addictive game based on a simple premise; slice and chop fruit. The game is set against a wood background and there you will chop all kinds of fruits. These are hurled into the air, and you have to slice them.

It sounds so simple but it is fun and you’ll definitely want to keep going. The controls are simple. Slide your finger on the display to cut a fruit before it vanishes from view. If you hit a bomb instead of a fruit, you’re out. If three fruits pass by the screen without being cut, you lose. That’s basically all there is to it.

Your objective is to cut as many fruits as possible. The longer you stay, the higher your score total will be. The gameplay is so simple it’ll only take a few seconds of play to know the rules. You will also quickly realize why the game is so popular.

The scope is limited but it is extremely enjoyable. The game is pretty easy at the start, great for new players. Slice recognition is very accurate and the OpenFront scoreboards make Fruit Ninja even more attractive.

The graphics are pretty good and so are the sounds. You’ll hear the fruits being tossed with a wooshing sound. Bombs come with a hissing sound. This helps players identify them. You will hear different sounds when slicing fruit (squishing, thwack, thud etc). The background noise consists of surf lapping and chirping. These sounds are subtle and won’t distract from the game.

Fruit Ninja is a great little game, perfect when you’re waiting or have nothing to do. This isn’t just a game to pass the time; you might find yourself actually making time for it.

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