Before anything else, Mercury in Summer is definitely a pop group (at least for me.) They create pop music that makes me think of The Click Five. Don’t expect to hear rock and roll here. Although you might expect a mix of certain genres, they dominantly sing power pop rock tunes. Now that that’s out of the way, the group’s record, I Believe, is actually quite good.

The production values are really professional and no doubt these guys are quite talented. This is the group’s first compilation and it seems they found their niche. It’s a cool record to check out.

Made up of Brian Jones – Bass/Vocals, Richard Wynne – Guitar/Vocals and Brendan McCusker – Drums/Vocals; these DC natives create energy filled, high quality pop music that is catchy and infused with wonderful melodies. 

The first thing that greets you when playing this compilation is the catchy pop tune, Hear Me Out. Appropriately, it opens with a drumroll and segues into this catchy beat with poppy vocals. The song is fun to listen to and the lyrics are witty. Now, there’s no doubt your mind will start thinking “boyband.” I guess, in terms of sound, they do come close except they actually play instruments.

Wish It Would Rain is a more mellow affair. If you actually get past the “boyband” sound, the group actually incorporates different genres of music quite well. This track has a blueesy affair in some parts. Of course, when the chorus singing starts then the whole “JoBro” thought starts creeping back in. I guess, at least they get the ladies.

The rest of the songs are definitely fun and very energetic. Boyband or no boyband, these guys definitely know their music. The group is slated to perform in a couple of digs in February and March. You can check their live performance schedule on their website.

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