When it comes to Poor Remy, expect to hear a lot of two things, harmonicas as well as harmonies. The trio of Adrian, Andrew and Kenneth fuse together a collection of folky instruments and gang vocals to create a frenetic yet surprisingly soothing energy in their music.

Harnessing a beautiful folk and bluegrass sound, you’ll get plenty of fun and unexpected rhythms on this short EP.

According to a little short they have on their BandCamp, “Still Sleeping EP was produced in the swampy entrails of the WKCO recording studio in Gambier, OH at Kenyon College. Poor Remy wrote, recorded, and spent many sleepless nights producing this record. Needless to say, we’re probably still sleeping.”

It seems those many sleepless nights were worth it as the band managed to pull off an EP filled with nothing but catchy choruses and interesting instruments. Listeners are greeted with chanting vocals from the onset with the title track, Still Sleeping. With expert guitar picking and an air of let’s-randomly-start-singing-and-harmonizing vibe all around, it’s a very catchy cut that starts the melodic chaos of the record.

Center and Bones follows closely and entices with its banjo ridden starter. Filled with harmonicas and bayou-style guitar strumming, it’s a lovely uptempo single. On the other hand, Fever Lee and Drinkin’ All Night, complete the short compilation.

Still Sleeping EP is one of those compilations that does best after a few listens. Thanks to the easy listening harmonies, you’ll find yourself swaying and chanting along without much effort. Really charming and worth checking out. Grab the download over at their BandCamp. It’s available at a name-your-price option.

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