So what does it take to thrive in the ever-changing music industry? Could New Music Strategies provide some of the answers? Well, actually it just could.
The content of the e-book might have been written in 2007 (light-years in the age of Internet) but its underlying principles are more than valid today and remain one of the top resources out there ready to help you (yes you!), aspiring musician, navigate through and understand the ever-changing nature of the industry. In essence, New Music Strategies by Andrew Dubber, is there to remind you of some basic yet extremely important guidelines (about 20 of them) and set you off on a great start in the new media environment.

The author of the e-book, Andrew Dubber, is a senior lecturer and researcher at UCE Birmingham. With a background in radio and music industry in general, Dubber has written many articles, book chapters, and conference presentations on the topic. More recently he has also co-authored a UNESCO commissioned book on new technologies for broadcasters in the developing countries.

New Music Strategies started off as a series of blog posts (extending from March to May of 2007). As the blog series came to an end and the audience kept on growing, Dubber decided to compile all the written content into a 96-page PDF file – something that would be much more easily accessible for his readers. Soon the project grew even larger, and now contains versions of the e-book in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and German, with audiobook version read by Anthony Richardson and produced by Media Music Now. Of course there is also a print copy of the book and an easy access to the original published blog entries. (The e-book is yours to keep, distribute, turn into a newsletter, or share through your own website – all for free.)

New Music Strategies is also a website belonging to a group of talented professionals ready to help small and medium music businesses and artists in utilizing new online technologies in order to thrive in this ever changing business. The website comes with a great resource for all of you who want to keep up with the latest developments in the music industry through its Newswire service, so be sure to check it out.

A little bit about the team:

Based in UK, the Netherlands, and Germany – Andrew Dubber has teamed up with Andrea Goetzke, Steve Lawson, Saskia Troccoli and Ian Wallman who together make up, what they call, a pan-European group for music culture, creativity and development. Combining their wide ranging expertise the group sets of into the world initiating great new ideas and projects while partnering with organizations to “make the most of music in response to transformative media technologies”.

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