You might think that PhotoRocket is just another photosharing program but there’s actually quite a few features you might find charming in this cool app. Apart from the fact that it’s offered absolutely free, there are a couple of things that makes this one slightly different from all the rest.
Aiming to be the easiest program you’ll ever use when it comes to photosharing, PhotoRocket actually works great. It lets users easily share photos without much hassle. It provides an easy to use interface that’s simple to navigate even for non-techie users.

Give the program a try. This might be the photosharing program you’ve been waiting for.

PhotoRocket is an app that works much like a website for photo-sharing. Once you have the app installed in either your iPhone, Mac or Windows; you can simply open and right click on the photos to share it to other websites online. You can directly share the photos in Twitter, Flickr or on Facebook.

There are other websites that you can easily send out the photos to and the company promises to add more to this list. What’s nice is that every time you share an image, a print quality copy will automatically be saved onto their website. Hence, in case you corrupt your hard drive, you can easily recover all those photos.

Pretty much, you can look at PhotoRocket as a two way program. It’s not just a photo gallery but it’s also an online photo sharing program/website that’s perfect for an active social network lifestyle.

Overall, the program is definitely quite helpful. It has all the basics and a bit more when it comes to photo sharing. Definitely a must-try.

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