Need help organizing tasks? TaskMate can help you organize your daily tasks and make sure that you have a productive time throughout the day. The program itself is quite small and will easily attach to any portion of the main screen.

TaskMate can remind you of things that you need to do for the day; tick the activities off once you are done and move on to the next one. If you need help with organizing but hate the fact that these programs take up too much space on your hard drive or simply get in the way of your computer screen, then TaskMate is the best solution. It’s very lightweight and non-obtrusive so you get reminded of your tasks without really annoying you to action. All of the tasks are easy to input and it’s especially designed for those who love to work fast but need simple reminders.

Placing tasks is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the box. Although deleting the tasks means having to manually use the keyboard instead of simply dragging them out. Also, there’s no option to place an alarm for very important tasks or items. Nevertheless, the program is flexible and very easy to use.

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