BlockShooter is the latest game from Milk Corporation and the company claims that their game is so good that it’ll make you want to “touch yourself” (their words, not mine.) Not quite sure whether it’s THAT good but it’s pretty addictive and entertaining nevertheless.

The game is offered with two dimensional graphics and even though you might prefer smooth or lifelike rendering, the graphics doesn’t hinder you from having a great time.

Ultimately, the game is still worth checking out. Grab the game at the Milk Corporation website or you can click on the Download Game link towards the left. 

In the game, you play a circle that’s pitted and fighting for your life against a world full of squares. Yes, the storyline doesn’t really leave much to the imagination but it works anyway. Pretty much, your main goal is to destroy all the squares that are bullying you. The game is pretty fast paced and pretty soon you’ll be at your wits end trying to keep your little circle alive amidst the onslaught of the squares.

You won’t be left defenseless though against this square army. You’ll have a host of weapons at your disposal. Use them wisely or pretty much just shoot at whichever square you see, it’s really up to you. The entire game forces you to think less and simply fire or shoot; as long as you keep the squares at bay then you should be fine.

Overall, the game provides enough entertainment while it lasts. If you’re looking for something to distract you from work for a while, then this one would work great. Give it a download.

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