Texas-based siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath, better known as The Oh Hellos, offers tasteful eclectic folk rock in their self-titled debut EP.

With influences ranging from Los Campesinons! and The Lumineers to The Middle East and Sufjan Stevens, this internationally-independent self-produced musical duo mixes varying styles and genre into one enchanting collection.

Opening their debut EP is Hello My Old Heart, a soft cooing guitar ensemble that draws inspiration from traditional Irish folk songs. Tyler’s vocal blends seamlessly with each strum and melody.

Lay Me Down welcomes the ears with Maggie’s sultry singing, slowly escalating to a celebration of foot-stomping beats and rhythmic guitar play-ups. I love how the thickness of instrumentation and voices in the chorus intensifies the song’s power.

Following with a more subtle vibe, Cold is the Night is a quiet introspection about the difficulties of love and freedom. While Trees wraps up the album in a more upbeat and positive note. Hints of rock and pop influences give the song a joyful flair, signifying its wholehearted embrace for love and freedom.

In this debut EP, The Oh Hellos has marked their spot in the indie scene as they successfully delivers high-quality eclectic folk rock melodies for everyone.

Track list:
1. Hello My Old Heart
2. Lay Me Down
3. Cold Is the Night
4. Trees

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