StrangeZero are in fact SteliosZero and Io-V from Greece. Their music is a wonderful combination of electronic sounds strongly influenced by the good days of Harthouse and Eye Q., strong acid 303 trips and experimental ambient sounds. While they already released some of their recordings on many commercial CDs by Sony BMG and TSOE, they are also keeping with the tradition by making five of their albums and two EPs available as a free download under the Creative Commons license. What separates StrangeZero and their latest EP Future is a Choice You Make from others is the level of quality and the professional production that will surely keep you listening.


Future Is A Choice You Make, written, performed & produced by StrangeZero in 2011, is an introduction to the forthcoming full album by the duo. The EP starts with The Herb Garden and a guitar solo that quickly transforms into the full blown electronic experience. Each of the tracks comes with its own unique musical structure, triply beats, atmospheric sounds and crisp percussion and although all of them are equally amazing, there are two, A Second Wish and Why Change, that I can easily admit are my very favorites.

What first got my attention while listening to A Second Wish is its very beginning where a voice calmly explains “The greatest trick that devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” and is instantly followed by the absolutely amazing collection of floating synths and smooth percussion. The last track on the EP, Why Change, on the other hand, begins with beautiful electronic whispers inter-weaved with the calming sounds of nature further preparing you for the very serious question to come and a time for reflection. And so what starts as a slow, meditation-like electronic experience soon forces you to clear your mind and think of your very place on earth as the track enters a two and a half minute deep monologue on humanity and change.

Sound engineer: StrangeZero & Dimos Markos (for the cd version)
Cover illustration: Stefano Bonazzi

StrangeZero first met in 1984 starting to write music, recording sounds from the places they traveled to and combining them with breakbeats, acid tunes, and guitars six years later. Yet after some time their paths separated as Stelios started concentrating on his career as a radio producer and lo-v made a commitment to study medicine. However, not being able to stay away from making music they met again in 1998 starting their own electronic band. The band’s name, as described by the duo, came into existence in order to give a meaning to all the minorities, usually referred to as “Zero’s” and further explain that a Zero can easily become something more, have it’s unique identity.

If you wish to download the album in highest Quality FLAC (Uncompressed / Lossless) click HERE

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