Steady Hussle’s debut EP Copacetic is quite aptly named. The queer and snappy title means “in excellent order”, and emulating the word’s essence is exactly what the band intends to do with their music.


Copacetic is more of a record that you play while taking a walk on a beach or jogging through a park than the kind you listen to alone in a quiet room with state-of-the-art headphones. The band aims to pull in the listener from his/her turbulent troublesome world to theirs where everything is “copacetic”.

While the record’s light-hearted ambiance is a great success, the band’s sharp sense of melody proves to be a major driving force. Moments like the opening trumpet line from Smalls, and the insanely clever guitar riff from Blindly Optimistic, stand as a testament to Steady Hussle’s astute ability to produce catchy music, and are sure to make you hum along. The well arranged instrumentation and song-writing backing these tunes also play a huge part in making them work, of which the strongest example would be Blindly Optimistic again.

The EP’s composition and delivery are all perfectly worthy of applause, but the bright spirit of positivity lying at its core is what takes the spotlight at the end of the day. As Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin brilliantly puts it “The whole idea of music, from the beginning of time, was for people to be happy”.

Favourite Track: Blindly Optimistic


Track List:
1. Smalls (Feat. Cory Feigen)
2. Kindling
3. My Apartment
4. Coat Check
5. Blindly Optimistic
6. 22 Hackett

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