Special Quartet is a powerful contemporary jazz group with a solid sense of tradition. Armed with the piercing sounds of Narciso González’s sax, Javier Alcántara’s guitar, Pablo Romero’s superb piano, and Pepin Muñoz’s drums, the quartet have released their debut album Namouche as their answer to the long time search for their own unique voice in jazz.

Although the album was recorded all the way back in December of 2007 non of it’s quality was lost over time. So here it is, another treat for all the jazz lovers out there.


Namouche was actually recorded in Lisbon, Portugal and alongside it’s brilliant compositions intertwined with the soulful contributions from the Special Quartet, it came with yet another surprise. The surprise, as it turned out, was a collaboration with well established musicians of international stature such as Alexis Cuadrado (Barcelona born bassist and one of the most sought-after musicians in the New York jazz scene), Perico Sambeat (one of the most important jazz saxophonists), and Hugo Alves (more than just a talented trumpet player from Faro).

Namouche is open to all styles. In fact if you listen really close you might just notice rock and funk influence in some of the tracks (some Argentine bass might come your way as well), of course all encompassed within the contemporary jazz structure.

This play with sounds is no stranger to the Special Quartet, which still remains one of the most active formations of the jazz scene in southwestern Spain. Their music, marked with a constant search for new forms of expressions will certainly leave you wanting more. So grab the free download and enjoy this little gem to the fullest.

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