Rock, ambient band that seeks to impress through a dreamy bassline and hauntingly sweet vocals. Hailing from Bristol, South West England, This Is My Normal State released their first recorded EP, Angel Falls ++ in 2009.

This three song EP is filled with ambient rock sounds that comes with sweet, almost angelic, if you will, vocals from Yuka Kurihara. This album is the remastered version of their Angel Falls EP which the band recorded back in 2008. It is a quiet and slightly haunting trip down melodic soundscapes, much  like walking into a colorful, beautiful but lifeless painting. Made up of Yuka Kurihara on vocals/cello,  Adam Fulford on guitars, Mike Dean on bass, Dave Wilson on drums, and Non Wilkinson on cello; This Is My Normal State is known to create a sweet, soft, rock sound that makes listeners feel as if they are floating in air amidst breathtaking landscapes and colorful fireworks.

The band doesn’t spare any of their talent while creating Angel Falls ++. Despite only having three songs, it says a lot about the band’s capabilities. Phineas Gage, for instance, is a cacophy of sounds, from dreamy vocals and quiet bass, swelling up to guitar effects and subsequent noise, then dying down to a quiet series of vocal work. It’s like the ebbing of a tide on a distant shore; if only the tides could sing.

The band has also been lauded for their live performances, UK blog, The Joy Collective describes the band as such:

‘This Is My Normal State exist in some sort of amniotic haze, everything slow, soft, beautiful. … Things drift in a lovely way, between sudden flares of noise. Pretty, great stuff. … It was a magical moment and when they finished and the lights came up I felt like I had been woken from a blurry dream.’

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