Recently released by Junktion, a New Zealand music collective, compilation features some amazing and hand picked quality dustep, hip-hop, electronic, and ambient sounds from across the world.

Showcasing talented artists such as Mecca:83, B Lewis, Benny Tones & Mara TK, tom2k, and Ghost, Galaxy Junktion promises to bring in some refreshing beats for just about any type of electronic music lover out there.

The compilation starts off with a more chill sounds of B Lewis. When The Wise Men Fall brings together hip-hop beats, computer generated electronic delight, and RnB influenced vocals. This surprisingly great sounding combination of genres is perfect for spicing up your long day at work and is also visible in other cuts, one of which is Nevermind by previously mentioned Benny Tones & Mara TK.

But aside from great sounding vocals and more chill overtones of the first two tracks, Galaxy Junktion brings us some quality and strictly electronic influenced music; Superbored in Space is one of such tracks. The cut takes us on one amazing journey through the fields of dynamic synths and flawlessly executed beats that will make you tap your fingers for the entire three minutes and forty six seconds. Bleeper, on the other hand, will bring you, alongside with some spicy techno synths and all other electronic greatness you often expect, a unique and gorgeous ambient finish.

Although the main aim of Junktion is to promote musicians from New Zealand, home country and birtplace of the collective, Galaxie Junktion (released on May 15th) also features tracks by various electronic acts from North and South America, Europe and Australia. This fourth in a series compilation (check out bandcamp for previous releases) brings us some quality sounds that should not be missed – so go ahead and get your free download!

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