Mecca:83 aka Rise: Ain’t Done Too Bad

Mecca:83 (aka Rise) is a Manchester, UK based producer, known for his many instrumental releases, great hip-hop beats, and some amazing remixes. Ain’t Done Too Bad is a compilation of artist’s best beats and collaborations to date, all to celebrate his amazing ten years of music making. But as much as it is a celebration it is also a good-bye gift for his fans, as Mecca:83 announcement of retiring his music career surfaced just yesterday.

Count Your Lucky Stars: YLS Sampler #4

Count Your Lucky Stars is an independent label that has been releasing music from local rock bands. This Michgan-based label has compiled a huge sampler containing 21 tracks from various bands and musicians. Most of the cuts feature a rock/indie rock vibe that definitely delivers some of the best rhythms you can find around. The record contains music from Empire! Empire!, The Reptilian, Penfold, Boris Smile, Mountains for Clouds and so much more.