The TesserAct might just be one of the best collections of the hip-hop drenched, head banding and finger tapping electronic beats, spicy synths, and some mind blowing electro sounds with just a touch of crunchy jazz and funk influence in all the right places, I have seen in a long while.

The album is a solo debut from a talented Toronto based musician Sunclef who, with his minimal yet surprisingly powerful tunes, brings us what is extremely hard to find amidst the many thousands of electronic releases out there – quality production.

The TesserAct, currently being offered as a ‘free/pay what you want’ download on Bandcamp, is a collection of five tracks from the artist. It starts off with Droski, a cut filled with hip hop nodding elements and excellent electronic beats that will keep you on your very toes. Catch A Drift is by no means different; it’s catchy beats create a unique musical scale movement full of blossoming energetic synths, perfect for those new car sound system you have been dying to try out.

The Tesser?ct by Sunclef

But not all of the tracks are a clear cut electronic pieces, so if you are looking for even more substance head straight to Samolero with it’s unique and gorgeous Spanish/latino strings taking over the first part of this instrumental gem.

All in all, The TesserAct is a great, not-to-be-missed, debut album. So give it a go and dive deep into your own electronic dream.

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