Erika Badu meets Corrine Bailey Rey. A fusion of raw talent and fresh imagination, Ella May is a natural born musician from London. Learning to play the guitar all by herself, her music oozes an organic and original aura. This 20-year old performer has recently released her debut six-track EP, The Tree.

Judging by the impressive and soulful tracks of the EP, listening to her album will drive you into a vibrant dimension where trees stretch from side to side. The album is a mixture of jazz, neo soul, R&B, and electro, crafting an immaculate rhythm perfect during an hour-long drive.

The charm of Ego Ella May’s voice in Rush Hour Crash will make you want to listen to more of her songs. Her distinct singing will put you in a trance of rich music.

Beat after a beat, the percussion on the background of Waiting gives this song a spellbinding effect. The sharp, slow tempo exudes a sensual vibe.

On the other hand, Frank is a polished piece laced with experimental arrangement. Chimes, swishes, and thick tunes making it more soporific to listen to.

In The Tree, Ego Ella May amazes her listeners with her atmospheric and electrifying sound; therefore making this album, a must-hear.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Rush Hour Crush
3. Waiting
4. Frank
5. Pay My Bills
6. Being Loved

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