How many times have you parked your swanky new car in an unknown crowded area, walked away and after an hour it just hits you, “Dude, where is my car?”. Happens quite often with many. Well, this problem has been solved and the misery of an owner ended with the MyCar Locator Free app.

Developed by Nomadrobot, the company has really tapped the potential of this app not only with class features, but by offering it for free. The app really makes a “drifting” mark on Android.

The app is very user-friendly and needs no scratching of the head. Once you park your car, simply open the MyCar Locator app and the current location of the car is displayed on the map, double-tap the screen and click on “Park”. Once this is done, the app places a red dot to signify the cars location. It is that simple.

Now that the car location is saved and you want accuracy in direction, no worries. Just open the app and from the menu option select “Get Directions”. This feature tells you about the total distance and gives turn-by-turn directions to the exact parking spot. Life becomes really simple with just a tap. Alo the app supports for distance measure reading in feet, yards and meters, which ever is a more viable reading for the user.


There are quite a handful of in-app options, such as, 1)Parked Time – displays the total time the car has been parked for, very helpful for calculating pay-per-hour parking, 2) Notes – users can add detailed notes about the parking place, environment, 3) Map/Satellite view – the option to switch between the two modes depending on the users preference.

The app is of a great help and will surely answer a million prayers of people who just cannot remember where they parked their car. The app is GPS dependent and hence, does not work indoors at all. Users should have an active data connection while using the app and preferably be in an open space for optimum usage.

This is the free version offered by the developer with no limitations compared to the paid version and is heavily dependent on adverts for revenues. As always, users particular about in-app adverts can always purchase the paid version. The free app has hit almost 500,000 downloads with an average 4-star rating, and that is no mean feat.

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