Enough of mindless shooting, reckless driving and crazy jumping, it is time to storm those brain cells and play something constructive. Yes, we are talking about Chess Free on Android. It is time for players to battle it out on board and defend their kingdom before they are hacked to the last pawn.

Developed by AI Factory Limited, a top developer on Android, the game is very fluid and intuitive. Unlike other smartphone Chess games, this one does not make you pull out your hair in disgust neither does it make you lose patience. It is a perfect game of Chess made for the rookies, intermediates and experts alike.

The game packs in 10 levels based on the level of difficulty. So, while the 1st level is the easiest, the 10th level is for the expert. A perfect solution for beginners who want to get a hang of the AI difficulty and the gameplay. What really sets this game apart from the other Android games is the engine being used here. Yes, Chess Free uses the highly acclaimed Treebeard chess engine which has a unique “human-like” style. The developer of this game are specialists in providing quality, easy-to-use traditional and casual AI game engine licences, superior AI characterisation and full 2D and 3D games for PC, console and mobile, making Chess Free a masterpiece.

The game sprost a very interesting feature and that is the “Show CPU Thinking” option that helps the player to understand the move AI is planning to make. Players more concerned with bragging rights will love the games feature that stores stats, timers, hints and handicaps, which allows you to keep a track on your career progress.

The game also has 3 different board colors to choose with 3 different chess piece sets. Also the game has multiplayer support for two players (not over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). Overall, the game is really nice and the features it punches, no doubt it makes the top chess game on the Android Market.

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