Another fun and epic rip-off? Yes, you guessed it right, Angry Birds. Developers seem to have gone bonkers with the entire concept created by Rovio and some have manged to offer something at par with Angry Birds. Wolf Toss is just one of the examples.

Created by Zipline Games, the developer has just made a foray in the Android scene with Wolf Toss and they have done quite an impressive job with their first offering. The game mashes up the gameplay of Angry Birds and the storyline of “The Three Little Pigs”.

In-game players can have fun destroying huts, houses and mansions belonging to the pigs by taking on the role of the big-bad wolf. Wolf Toss is a challenging puzzler physic based game with vast levels and hours of addictive gameplay guaranteed, taken into consideration the impressive number of downloads the game received in just 9 days. Players around the world have loved it so far making it a game worth playing.

Wolf Toss features much more than the primitive slingshot. This time around players can use cannons to zoom past and create the ultimate carnage using cannons with limited rounds. The defenses adopted by the pigs are great. The maturity shows when no more is hay, sticks and bricks considered to be an awesome defense mechanism. The pigs have become sophisticated finally. The detailing of the game is very crisp and immersive to a great extent.

Some graphics will remind players about Looney Toons and it is this mash-up that makes the game so lovable. In Angry Birds, there are various birds at the players disposal with different powers, in Wolf Toss it is the same Wolf that can be given various power-up, such as, Fire to help burn through haystacks, Bomb to crash through Bricks and Bowling Bowl to destroy cemented walls.

The game has three difficulty levels to offer, Easy, Medium and Hard. Initially it is only the Easy mode that is unlocked and gradually with the advancement in-game the other levels will be available for unlimited fun. Overall, Wolf Toss is a must have for every game lover using a Droid.

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